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A desire to share on the web this paradise place

Happy to live in this little corner of paradise along the Mediterranean Sea in the south east of France, it has come to me the desire to share heart-felt, ideas of discovery and good local addresses.GEBorn in Toulon but living in the French Riviera for many years, after working in the sports field, I practice today as photographer and also webmaster and thank you in advance for discovering this site which will be enriched with content over the months ... 











Alpes Maritimes France

The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive."

Coco Chanel

The Alps plunge into the Mediterranean Sea. A very disparate department, between the hinterland of the mountainous region (Mercantour) and the cosmopolitan Côte d'Azur, alive. One of the most beautiful areas to visit and discover ...

Alpes maritimes France

  • The Saint Sépulcre Chaptel

    The Saint Sépulcre Chaptel

    A small chapel, sheltering the blue penitents, is located, almost hidden, under the large vaults, of the Garibaldi place. Some pictures to encourage you to come to discover this place, true treasure of the Nice patrimony.

  • Wander around Garibaldi square in Nice

    Garibaldi square in Nice

    A majestic square in a neighborhood undergoing renovation awaits you for a stroll in the harbor area at the northern tip of the old town of Nice. Some images at dusk illustrate this article and some tips.

  • The Naive Art Museum of Nice

    Naive Art Museum of Nice

    Slightly eccentric from the city center, surrounded by a very pleasant garden, the Naïve Art Museum will offer you a moment of relaxation facing original and unexpected art works.

  • Eze and its exotic garden

    Eze and its exotic garden

    The small village of Eze is located between Nice and Monaco and is spread over several levels. We propose here a small visit of the medieval village at the level of the medium corniche and the exotic garden with photos, a small video and virtual visits.

  • Walk to Saint Hospice Point

    Saint Hospice hike

    Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, a pretty wild sea promenade, about an hour, awaits you in the town of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. We offer a discovery in photos and virtual tours.

  • Saint Hospice Chapel

    Saint Hospice Chapel

    At the top of the Pointe Saint Hospice in the town of the almost island of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat sits a small chapel that deserves a visit. A monumental virgin to the child welcomes visitors. Discover the place with 360 ° photos.

  • The illuminations and the Christmas village of Place Masséna in Nice

    Illuminations village Christmas and place Masséna

    The city of Nice lights up each end of the year for the delight of young and old.
    We offer you a complete visit with traditional nocturnal photos, a series of interactive virtual tours connected to each other, but also more or less whirling videos.

  • The Nice Carnival

    Nice Carnival

    Each year, the capital of the French Riviera is an exceptional carnival. The winter event between mid-February and early March attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. The opportunity to offer some information, tips and pictures of past editions.

  • French Riviera news sources

    French Riviera news

    We propose some sources of information about the French Riviera through a list of sources that we find interesting. Classic news sources of the press type but also from the world of the internet and social networks.

  • French Riviera meteo

    French Riviera meteo

    Renowned, rightly, for its exceptional climate, the French Riviera is at the crossroads of several weather influences. We offer a small analysis of these features, as well as a list of online tools for observations and local forecasts.

  • Visit the Chagall Museum in Nice

    Chagall Museum in Nice

    Slightly up in the city, at the foot of the Cimiez hill, is one of the most beautiful museums in Nice. Large brightly colored paintings, very inspired, will give you, if necessary, energy overflowing.

  • Corsica from continental shores: Mirage or reality

    Corsica from continental shore

    In the early hours of the day, a little before sunrise, Corsica ("Island of beauty") can sometimes be seen, to the southeast of the French Riviera. Magic moments. We suspect a mirage, an unknown land... Corsica is also unveiled, even more rarely during the day, usually when the north wind clears the sky. Some explanations and pictures.

  • The Museum of Natural History of Nice

    Museum of Natural History of Nice

    The oldest museum in the city of Nice, the Natural History Museum will make you discover or rediscover the animal and vegetable species that occupy the French Riviera, but also the Southern Alps.

  • Walk to the Authion


    One of the magics of the French Riviera lies in the proximity of the mountains that plunge into the Mediterranean Sea. The area of Authion accessible from the Turini pass offers a breathtaking view, like a first morning of the world. The big blue opens 180 ° from Provence to the Gulf of Genoa, not to mention Corsica visible a few days a year.

  • Canadairs on the French Riviera

    Firefighters from the sky

    Pelicans always on the look-out for extinguishing fires during the summer are also visible during the scooping exercises carried out throughout the year. The occasion to present you some images realized towards Beaulieu and towards the lake of Saint-Cassien at the limit of the Var and Alpes-Maritimes.

  • Alpha Wolf Park

    Alpha Wolf Park

    Far from the seaside, the French Riviera has other tourist attractions especially in its hinterland, which will delight young and old. Alpha Wolf Park is a perfect example. Discover the wolf, in the middle of the forest, in this unique park in France.

  • Shopping at the Liberation Market

    Liberation Market at Nice

    A genuine institution in Nice, the liberation market began a few years ago a makeover with the renovation of the neighborhood. The trigger was the arrival of the tramway at the end of 2007, which allowed the market to welcome and conquer new customers.

  • Jules Chéret Museum of Fine Arts in Nice

    Museum of Fine Arts in Nice

    The Museum of Fine Arts in Nice is one of our favorite museums on the Frenc Riviera. The place is located a little out of the heart of the city and the area of old Nice. Many paintings are spread over two floors arranged in large rooms. Many masterpieces adorn the walls.

  • Expo Venet "Conceptual Years" at Mamac in Nice

    Expo Venet Conceptual Years

    The conceptual years, an exhibition of Bernar Venet who can visit until January 13, 2019 at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice (Mamac). The artist is interested here in scientific and mathematical abstractions. An expo pleasant to visit, which surprises, as often at Mamac.

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