"The most beautiful and important things in life are free, the most beautiful and important seconds are very expensive"
Coco Chanel

"To sell, say good, to buy say evil.”
Arab proverb

“Once nothing is nothing; nothing twice, it's not much, but for three times nothing, you can already buy something, and for cheap.”
Raymond Devos

Links to pages and articles of this website in connection with product tests, consumer reviews, possible rants, desires or thoughts about what is bought and consumed on the French Riviera.

E Vélo Bleu
Bicycle Workers
Art Gallery « Espace A VENDRE»
Cityscoot Nice
Yogaia, a nice yoga class in Nice
Provencal Market of Antibes
Art Nice in the old town of Nice
Meyer et Bernini at Nice
Néron Pastry Chef Glacier
Auer chocolates and candied fruits at Nice
Alziari in Nice
The Bartoux Gallery in Monaco
French Riviera news sources
Shopping at the Liberation Market