Nice French Riviera

"Look at the light on the olive trees, it shines like diamond. It's pink, it's blue ...And the sky playing through, is to drive you crazy."
Auguste Renoir

"I have found nothing more beautiful than this inspired hill, neither Capri nor the radiant bay of Salamis can be compared to it. I found my city is Nice."
Hector Berlioz

"When I realized that every morning I would see this light, I could not believe in my happiness"
Henri Matisse

Pictures and texts related to the beautiful city of Nice nestled in the Bay of Angels on the Côte d'Azur ...

Nice evening lights

# I Love Nice

Lazaret cave
Soulages exhibition in Nice
Pointe des Sans Culottes hike or run at Nice
Terra Amata Museum
Jogging in Nice
Airbus A380 in Nice
Paul Helbronner in Nice
Saint François tower Nice
The green flow in Nice
CrossOver Festival
Fireworks after the attack in Nice in 2016
« Hors Normes », the film
Donation Kronberger Nice
Cross with Lou Passagin
Nice Cool et Verte
New paintings at the Sainte-Réparate Cathedral
Exhibition Cinemapolis Nice
Yogaia, a nice yoga class in Nice
Yves Saint Laurent's Asian Dream Exhibition in Nice
Visit the Matisse Museum in Nice