Typical of Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil delights salads, pickles, fish, barbecues and other seasonings. Discover the shop Nicolas Alziari, producer of local oils, in the old town, a few meters from the big blue.

Olive oil : quality and tasty products

huile alziari nice 2 mA few steps from the Opera House and the the Town Hall, the shop offers a wide range of olive oils or flavored oils. A dozen different flavors will allow you to flavor your dishes like the very Provencal basil, truffle, thyme, garlic, lemon or even vanilla. A prestigious vintage will offer you an even more refined and subtle product.
The benefits of olive oil for health, consumed in moderation, are no longer in doubt, at least according to studies on the so-called Cretan diet.
Containers of different type of bottle, particularly well decorated with typical southern colors, as well as gift boxes will serve as perfect gifts.
Diversification requires the brand also offers olives in jars, in bags but also a wide range of delicatessen products (condiments, spices, soups, honeys, jams etc ...). Some kitchen accessories are also available for sale as well as beauty products still based on the beautiful fruit tree.

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A charming little shop with a warm welcome

The shop on a human scale has kept its appearance of yesteryear. The staff will explain to you with passion the different products presented as well as their mode of production. Note that it is possible to visit the oil mill in the Madeleine district a few kilometers away. This is the last oil mill in the French Riviera capital. Founded in 1868 the house Alziari has a website that also allows you to make your orders online.

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