"I do not have any special talents, I'm just passionately curious."
Albert Einstein

"The monotony gives an extraordinary relief to the smallest events."
Ella Maillart

Images and texts related to situations, places, extraordinary or unusual events on the French Riviera in this section of the website ...


  • Paragliding Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

    Paragliding Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

    Discover a sensational aerial activity and one of the most beautiful paragliding sites in Europe, located half an hour from Nice, with a bird's eye view of the big blue and the Principality of Monaco. On the program a first flight, sensation, aerobatics, precision landing, competition, some mini interviews and lots of aerial images.

  • Larvotto submarine reserve

    Larvotto submarine reserve

    A small nugget of underwater nature preservation to discover in Monaco. Some underwater images and explanations with an interview concerning the history of the place, its rules and operations, its scientific, educational and ecological objectives...

  • Police on horseback French Riviera

    Nice police horses

    While strolling on the Promenade des Anglais or in the city parks you may come across beautiful and valiant horses ridden by crews of the Nice local police.

  • Visit Nice in virtual reality

    Visit Nice in virtual reality

    Some virtual reality images of the city of Nice, to view with a helmet or a simple tablet. Perhaps the opportunity to escape for a moment, from our respective interiors...

  • Airbus A380 in Nice

    Airbus A380 in Nice

    The giant of the air, among the largest planes in the world, crosses the blue sky every day at midday. Some video captures and infos for aviation enthusiasts and the curious!

  • Saint François tower Nice

    Saint François tower

    One of the most beautiful panoramas on the city of Nice with a 360 ° view of the old town, the big blue and up to the snow-covered Alps. We propose zoomable photos in very high definition, up to 2 billion pixels as well as interactive virtual tours...

  • Eze en lumières

    Eze in lights

    Some pictures and impressions of the friendly light show that took place in Eze village along the middle corniche in August 2019. Hoping that new editions embellish again the coming summer evenings.

  • Donation Kronberger Nice

    Donation Kronberger Nice

    We recommend you to visit the exhibition devoted to the recent donation by Mr Karlheinz Kronberger of 169 paintings in the city of Nice. Collection partly exposed to the magnificent Jules Cheret Museum of Fine Arts. Small report of the inauguration and some images of the exhibition.

  • Cross with Lou Passagin

    Lou Passagin

    A small Nice boat offers you a shortcut from one shore to the other of the port of Nice. Allegory of Nice and the Alpes-Maritimes: land of travelers and tourists from all over the world. Exploration in photos, video and virtual visit.

  • Walk to the gardens of Cimiez

    Gardens of Cimiez

    Discovery in pictures of a district of Nice offering a quite different atmosphere of the seaside and the "Prom": the gardens of the bullring of Cimiez and the monastery of the same name, but also the Matisse, archeology and Franciscan museums.

  • Eze and its exotic garden

    Eze and its exotic garden

    The small village of Eze is located between Nice and Monaco and is spread over several levels. We propose here a small visit of the medieval village at the level of the medium corniche and the exotic garden with photos, a small video and virtual visits.

  • The Nice Carnival

    Nice Carnival

    Each year, the capital of the French Riviera is an exceptional carnival. The winter event between mid-February and early March attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. The opportunity to offer some information, tips and pictures of past editions.

  • Corsica from continental shores: Mirage or reality

    Corsica from continental shore

    In the early hours of the day, a little before sunrise, Corsica ("Island of beauty") can sometimes be seen, to the southeast of the French Riviera. Magic moments. We suspect a mirage, an unknown land... Corsica is also unveiled, even more rarely during the day, usually when the north wind clears the sky. Some explanations and pictures.

  • Canadairs on the French Riviera

    Firefighters from the sky

    Pelicans always on the look-out for extinguishing fires during the summer are also visible during the scooping exercises carried out throughout the year. The occasion to present you some images realized towards Beaulieu and towards the lake of Saint-Cassien at the limit of the Var and Alpes-Maritimes.

  • Alpha Wolf Park

    Alpha Wolf Park

    Far from the seaside, the French Riviera has other tourist attractions especially in its hinterland, which will delight young and old. Alpha Wolf Park is a perfect example. Discover the wolf, in the middle of the forest, in this unique park in France.

  • Japanese Garden of Monaco

    Japanese Garden of Monaco

    An improbable and pretty little garden borders the principality along the sea between the port and the Larvotto underwater reserve. This islet of calm in the middle of the towers and the effervescence Monegasque allows to extract some moments of the rhythm of the princely city. We propose you some pictures and a virtual tour of the places.