The small village of Eze is located between Nice and Monaco and is spread over several levels. We propose here a small visit of the medieval village at the level of the medium corniche and the exotic garden with photos, a small video and virtual visits.

A village between sea and mountains

Panorama Eze The village of Eze borders the sea in its lower part, just in front of the Gulf of St. Hospice and its point home to a beautiful chapel and a nice walk to discover here.
A path called Nietzsche Path, named after the philosopher, who lived in Nice at the end of the 19th century, connects the lower part of Eze to the historic village at 400 meters above sea level, while the Eze pass is 100 meters higher at the level of the large cornice. On a day of great weather and light wind from the north the beautiful Corsica will be seen by your incredulous eyes. Mirage or reality, a small article offers a beginning of response and images here and always on Irresistible Riviera.

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Eze village welcomes many tourists throughout the year. The cars stay at the foot of the narrow streets pleasantly cool in summer. Two famous hotel establishments (La Chèvre d’Or  and le Château Eza) will welcome the most fortunate holidaymakers. Tourists jostle each other in summer. Numerous art galleries dot the narrow, steep streets of the village. Note that, except to visit one of the two hotels mentioned above, no view to the sea, except at the entrance of the village, is accessible. The only solution, majestic for the shot, is to go up to visit the exotic garden which overhangs the village.

The exotic garden of Eze

We recommend the visit at least for the 360 ​​° view that will be offered from the upper terrace of the garden. The tariff, modest, oscillates between 4 and 6 euros according to the period of the year.
The garden was completely renovated a few years ago and is home to many plant species including, of course, many kinds of cacti. Some comfortable benches, facing Nice, await you next to a small stream with a breathtaking view of the big blue. Ideal place, out of strong tourist affluence to sit and to alternate for example reading and observation of the landscape.

Eze Jardin Exotique 4
Eze Jardin Exotique 6
Eze Jardin Exotique 1
Eze Jardin Exotique 3
Eze Jardin Exotique 5
Eze Jardin Exotique 2
Eze Jardin Exotique 7
Pano Eze Jardin Exotique 1
From the top of the garden, the incredible view opens towards Nice, the peninsula of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, the Esterel massif in the distance. Towards the west, "La tête de Chien" on the municipality of La Turbie overlooks the Principality of Monaco. The garden was created after the Second World War on the site of the former castle at the initiative of Mayor André Gianton accompanied by the creator of the exotic garden of Monaco, Jean Gastaud. Very beautiful large sculptures, works of Jean Philippe Richard, decorate the visit, do not hesitate to go on the website of the artist here :

Smartphone video

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