At the top of the Pointe Saint Hospice in the town of the almost island of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat sits a small chapel that deserves a visit. A monumental virgin to the child welcomes visitors. Discover the place with 360 ° photos.

The French Riviera calm and meditative version

Chapelle Saint Hospice

Perched at a height of about 40 meters and surrounded by luxury villas billionaires around the world, the chapel dates from the 17th century and was built on the site of a tower having hosted, according to Christian culture, Saint Hospice. The Wikipedia page (french language) devoted to the subject, a fantastic online collaborative encyclopedia, will offer you, better than we would, a fairly clear history. Inside the building, a small music broadcasts its melodies, inviting to prayer or contemplation, to your choice.
A metallic status, about ten meters high from the Milanese Galbusieri adorns the entrance to the chapel. She represents a virgin with the child looking north against the sun for the greatest annoyance of photographers passing.
A magnificent stained glass window, reminiscent of Picasso's style, a reproduction of a work by Louis Marchand des Raux, occupies the awning. While paintings, also reproduced works of Louis Marchand des Raux, by two local painters, Mrs. Pisani and Mr. Lucien Allari adorn the interior of the chapel. Louis Marchand des Raux painter of the 20th century who met Picasso, Cocteau and Matisse some paintings are visible at the beautiful Cheret Museum in Nice.

The village cemetery surrounds the chapel. With respect and calm, you may be able to enter it to have another angle of view on the chapel and even at the bottom overlooking the sea towards the Mediterranean. We also offer on this site some info and pictures related to the so-called walk of the tip of Saint Hospice bypassing the chapel by the seaside.

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