Activity more and more practiced by women as well as men, young and old, yoga offers a moment of concentration and relaxation. Yogaia and her teacher Rocio offers different courses tailored to your desires. An overview with this blog post.

Why Yoga ?

The hectic life of big cities often makes us forget to take advantage of the present moment and take care of one's body. The tensions accumulate: backache, stiffness, tension, torticollis etc ... Yoga, a practice that consists of adopting various postures, allows you to ask a few moments. This practice requires no other talents than willingness and diligence, needless to be particularly flexible, lean, muscular nor have talent contortionist. Just be ready to constrain, for about an hour to follow the postural instructions of the teacher. The proven result is less back pain, less stress, greater concentration and lucidity in everyday life. Over the course of the sessions a certain serenity appears and will allow students to study better, athletes to perform more etc ... It is not an esoteric practice and you will meet all kinds of audiences. The activity is not only reserved for the bobos of the big urban centers, even if they are Riviera ...bandeau yogaia

How to choose a yoga class?

The city of Nice is home to many Yoga classes. Some courses are more dynamic and others more contemplative, places and moods may be more important for some than for others. In the end, we advise you to take the time to do one or more test classes to make your own opinion ... which does not prevent us, on this page, to do some advertising for the course of Rocio Yoga and its small Yogaia structure!

Yogaia Nice

rocio yogaia niceClasses take place in the Garibaldi Square district on Cassini Street. You will find all the useful and practical details on the school website here
The room, surrounded by mirrors and quiet street, is perfect for practice. Wood is largely present on the floor and ceiling. A maximum of ten practitioners will meet on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays for a session that is dynamic, quieter or even more cool and meditative.
Rocio, with his sweet and singing South American voice, leads you into a series of postures with a certain level of requirement but always with a lot of kindness. We feel a real educational implication, we are here far from the Yoga factories where the practitioners perform the movements in the chain. The professor does not hesitate to come and correct the postures individually and to give a number of personalized instructions. The session begins slowly time to warm up, then becomes more physical to end a moment of relaxation very pleasant and relaxing. Everyone does it in his own way without any competition climate.
Fatigue, contractions and stress usually fade away. Many restaurants, bars, and snacks in the Garibaldi district will allow you to enjoy a pleasant evening after the class ...yogaia nice rocio

Infos Yogaia Nice

  • Postural yoga  (Tuesday 19h30-20h45) for all.
  • Prenatal yoga (wednesday 10h30 -11h15).
  • Dynamic yoga (thursday 19h15-20h30) for all.
  • Restaurative yoga (friday19h30-20h30) for all.
  • 07 61 44 44 14

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