Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, a pretty wild sea promenade, about an hour, awaits you in the town of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. We offer a discovery in photos and virtual tours.

The calm of the sea and the smells of maritime pines

At the end of the town of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, facing Monaco is the tip of Saint Hospice, the name of the chapel dominating the place. Quite crowded in summer, the ride, about two kilometers away, offers the winter a quieter and wild. Some parking spaces, failing to take public transport from Nice, will allow you to park at the start of the ride to do anti-clockwise. That is starting from the beach of "Les Fossettes". A first part in the woods runs along the sea handle before the path arrives facing the open sea, to the south. Very early, at sunrise, when the north wind blows slightly, you may be able to see the Corsican peaks rise above the horizon. Many places allow a stop to enjoy the sun, you will meet walkers, joggers, but also fishermen and sometimes even followers of Yoga who enjoy the calm and serenity of the place.Panorama balade Saint HospiceThe Pelagos Sanctuary, protection area for marine mammals (whales, dolphins, killer whales etc ...) just in front of the promenade, you will have, perhaps and with a good pair of binoculars, the chance to see a cetacean in the area...Arrived at the eastern end of the ride, the return takes place in front of the villages of Saint-Jean, Beaulieu and further, perched high, Eze. The so-called Paloma beach, nestled in the Scaletta cove, punctuates the walk. Closed in winter, a nice restaurant, in an idyllic setting, offers in summer drinks and meals.
Not far from here, we advise you to go discover the chapel Saint Hospice dating from the seventeenth century and his virgin to the child, monumental metal sculpture. If you want to walk longer and enjoy this wilderness, it will take a tour of Cap Ferrat to the bay of Villefranche-Sur-Mer to reach the peak of passable.

Tourism office https://www.saintjeancapferrat-tourisme.fr


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