Discovery in pictures of a district of Nice offering a quite different atmosphere of the seaside and the "Prom": the gardens of the bullring of Cimiez and the monastery of the same name, but also the Matisse, archeology and Franciscan museums.

The flower garden of the Cimiez monastery

Jardin du monastère de CimiezJust next to the religious building, the garden sees its attendance increase over the hours of the day to reach a peak on Saturdays in spring and summer where wedding photographers immortalize the lovebirds accompanied by their families. Gardeners in the city do not use any pesticides and they try to maintain the place in an ecological way: mulching, limited watering, manual brushing.
The roses in the spring release fabulous smells, while the exotic trees provide shade, so pleasant, in summer. Below is a Spanish garden with a fountain. The sea and the port of Nice can be seen from the arbor in the garden. A large unknown space, shaded and wooded overlooking the garden, accessible by two stairs. The place normally receives the sea breeze, which makes it particularly pleasant in strong summer heat.

The arena garden of Cimiez

Oliviers de CimiezA few tens of meters away, is the olive garden of the bullring of Cimiez. This large park, very family, also has several petanque, a small food court and a ride that all the toddlers (pitchouï in Nice local language) of the district attended. The park is also the place for all kinds of festive, musical, folkloric or sports events. The Nice Jazz Festival before going down to the Albert Premier Garden was held on site. The traditional May Day celebrating spring sees the troops of associations Lou Cat and Nice the beautiful parade and dance to the sound of music Nice. Hundreds of olive trees, for some centenarians, offer visitors shade and a very friendly space. Some come to paint there, to do meditation or Yoga, to have a picnic or to play ball with the children.

"Fête des Mai" at Cimiez

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Three museums and a church to discover

Musée cloitre des Franciscains

A beautiful vestige of Roman arena borders the western part of the park. Which also houses an archeology museum and the beautiful Matisse museum which we offer a preview on this blog. Returning to the east of the park, and thus to the garden of the Cimiez Monastery, is the Franciscan Museum which explains, describes and illustrates the philosophy of Saint Francis of Assisi and the history of the monks on site. A cloister and its passageways host exhibitions on the ground floor while the floor houses the museum.

The monastery church, a place of prayer and calm, is beautifully decorated with religious paintings and ornaments. Not to mention the adjoining cemetery where Henri Matisse rests or Raoul Dufy whose works are to be seen in one of our favorite museums in Nice, the Museum of Fine Arts at the other end of the city.

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