Some virtual reality images of the city of Nice, to view with a helmet or a simple tablet. Perhaps the opportunity to escape for a moment, from our respective interiors ...

Nice virtual reality

Little Planet NiceIn these times of confinement due to Covid19 we have brought out, assembled and refined, some spherical views that will allow you to walk around the city as if you were there. It certainly misses the smells of the city and the sea. This light breath of wind, cool breeze in winter or scorching sirocco in summer, the miles and a noise that populate our urban environment, will not participate in your digital escape, even if we had fun adding some atmospheres and sounds. Open your eyes wide to browse Nicethat we all hope to find as quickly as possible: the Promenade des Anglais from Négresco to Rauba Capeu via the Quai des Etats-Unis. The port from the pier and Lou Passagin the pretty pointy which crosses the Lympia port in summer. Without forgetting the Cap de Nice, paradise for joggers and fishermen. The hill of the Castle and its incredible panoramas towards the Mercantour and the Baie des Anges. The fantastic Saint François tower plunging towards the green flow and its water jets. A quick tour to Cimiez, the Monastery garden, the Arénes olive park, not forgetting the forecourt of the Gare du Sud and the lively carnival on Place Masséna.

Find 5 animals, more or less hidden in the Nice landscape ...

Animaux cachés à NiceA little game for the youngest. We have pasted the images of five animals in different parts of the city: a monkey, two cows, a dromedary, a lion and a treasure chest. For you to find them !

Discover the city of Nice in virtual reality

Links to the virtual reality visit (tablets and smartphones) :

Virtual reality user infos

By following the internet link below, a new window will open and allow you to walk around the place almost as if you were there. Of course, it misses the sound, the odors and the kinesthetic sensations but the sight adapts to the movement of your head. To view this walk in virtual reality you need either a digital tablet held at arm's length, or a mobile phone alone or equipped with a virtual reality headset. The headsets of virtual reality, cost only a few euros for the simplest. They allow you to place your mobile inside displaying the link above. You will have previously activated the options that we detail below.Legend virtual reality headset

  • 1 et 2 : Allows you to zoom in or out in the image.
  • 3 : Activate the auto-rotation of the scene.
  • 4 : Displays any other views as a gallery of thumbnails.
  • 5 : Modify the scene to make it even more spherical, to use according to your tablet and mobile or virtual reality headset.
  • 6 : Activate the essential gyroscopic option legende cardboard vr logo v. This makes the image reactive. By turning with the tablet or mobile at arm's length, or by turning your head with the virtual reality headset, the point of view adapts as in reality.
  • 7 : Full screen
  • 8 : Stereoscopic view suitable for virtual reality headsets only available on mobile screens of the smartphone type.
Casque Vr B
Screen Cardboard Nv
Google Cardboard
Cardboard Stereo Ir M

Helmet or cardboard links: here hand here

Links to the virtual reality visit (tablets and smartphones) :

Example of rendering from a digital tablet

For a better rendering : choose the maximum definition by clicking on the small gear serrated .