Back in pictures on the 2020 edition of the Nice carnival while waiting to meet you for the animal carnival in 2021.

The king of fashion sits on Place Masséna

Carnival Nice 2020 little planet

Place Masséna on the Galeries Lafayette side and avenue Jean Médecin sees the king and queen in the waiting position to launch the wandering of the tanks along the route. Place in the stands and standing in the middle of the place alternate with the choice of spectators. The journey takes place in a clockwise direction, crosses the square to bypass the Albert Premier Garden and then return via Avenue de Verdun, having traveled a few hundred meters along the Promenade des Anglais.

Battle of flowers

Like every year, the flower battles were an opportunity to perfume the air of Nice with bouquets of mimosas that the crowd caught in flight. Stilt acrobats or twirling dancers weaving their way through flowered teams.

Nocturnal corsos and in full sun

A beautiful atmosphere for corsos, with more and more disguised public. Several local dance troupes have drawn our attention, in particular the Team Spotlight to the King and the Queen with wild dancers. They made an excellent performance in 2019 for the king of cinema on the Charlot chariot. Without forgetting the troop Melting Dance also big provider of atmosphere.

The last performances were canceled due to the risk of Chinese coronavirus. Waiting to catch up with the 2021 King of Animals edition.

Thank you and congratulations to the organizers, all the carnivalists, dancers, ymagiers, reception staff, rescuers, press and various artists etc ... who made these happy moments possible! More on the official Nice Carnival website here

Carnival Video

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Some videos and photos captured on social networks during the event to see on our accounts Twitter et Instagram.


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