Fancy a big bowl of oxygen. sea scents and calm in the heart of Nice? Follow us for a jog at the Cape of Nice.

Nice jogging

Sentier Cap Nice PiscineNeed to recharge your batteries after a busy week? Touring tourist looking for a little peace and nature in the center of Nice? We offer a nice little jogging to the Cap de Nice. If running isn't your thing, you can of course take the walk.

Running at Cap de Nice

Start from the top of the green corridor or run to it if you stay further. Then descend it to the sea and the Albert Premier garden. You can also cut a little earlier through the old town and the courthouse square, then cross the Pierre Gauthier square, where the Charles Nègre photography theater is located, the Cours Saleya (Sun) market. Take a few seconds to climb the stairs that overlook the place (see the panorama on the video on this page). You will then join the seaside on the Quai des Etats-Unis, an extension of the Promenade des Anglais. Head east and looking up towards Rauba Capeu and his now famous Hashtag #IloveNice. See Map below for the exact track.

Video 4K of the run

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A magnificent alley runs along the seaside to Lympia port. A water point allows you to quench your thirst or recharge your water bottle just before wearing. A few strides on the pier will give you a beautiful view of the castle hill. Failing to take Lou Passagin, a boat crossing the port basin, you will go around the lake to reach the Boulevard Franck Pilate, known for its famous restaurant La Réserve but also for the diving board of Brice de Nice. At the level of a park a staircase allows you to join the coastal path joining the Cap de Nice. The pleasure of running along the crystal clear water with a view of the Baie des Anges. Avoid the night place known to be poorly attended at late hours. Absolute danger in heavy seas which floods the path with its breaking waves. The path ends under the former Maeterlinck Palace. Impossible to go further even if a little before the end a steep staircase makes it possible to join the low cornice towards the Pointe des Sans Culottes, the bay of Villefranche sur Mer. The most courageous will continue towards Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and the magnificent customs path which surrounds it visible on our blog.

360° virtual tour of the Cap de Nice

Click on the purple links to move in the virtual visit or on the globe Localise on a map to view a map of 360 ° views and access them.

An accessible running track

Sunday runners will trot quietly while the most ambitious, preparing for example the "Prom Classic", the Nice Half Marathon or even the Nice Cannes Marathon without speaking about the Maralpins trails, will not fail to do the split and the interval training. From the green flow the journey is about 5 km (AR 10K) for a real moment of relaxation and happiness that you can discover on this page in video and 360 ° virtual tours. If the tour seems too long you can possibly take a blue bike, everywhere on the route to reach your place of departure.

Run map