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A desire to share on the web this paradise place

Happy to live in this little corner of paradise along the Mediterranean Sea in the south east of France, it has come to me the desire to share heart-felt, ideas of discovery and good local addresses.GEBorn in Toulon but living in the French Riviera for many years, after working in the sports field, I practice today as photographer and also webmaster and thank you in advance for discovering this site which will be enriched with content over the months ... 












"The sea joins the regions it separates."
Alexander Pope

"There are three kinds of men: the living, the dead, and those who go to the sea."

Pictures and texts related to the beautiful Mediterranean sea along the French Riviera ...

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  • Larvotto submarine reserve

    Larvotto submarine reserve

    A small nugget of underwater nature preservation to discover in Monaco. Some underwater images and explanations with an interview concerning the history of the place, its rules and operations, its scientific, educational and ecological objectives...

  • Pointe des Sans Culottes hike or run at Nice

    Pointe des sans Culottes hike or Run at Nice

    We propose you a little known walk, or better a jogging, at the western entrance of the Bay of VilleFranche-sur-Mer. A space with Mediterranean vegetation that crosses a customs path to discover in virtual visit, photos and video of running .

  • Jogging in Nice

    Running Nice

    Fancy a big bowl of oxygen. sea scents and calm in the heart of Nice? Follow us for a jog at the Cape of Nice.

  • Mala Beach

    Mala Beach

    A little corner of paradise, nestled at the bottom of a small cove, which here more than elsewhere gives itself airs of yesteryear. The place awaits you for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Discovering this almost confidential place in video, photos, virtual tours and 360 ° interactive videos

  • Coastal walk in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

    Walk or run Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

    A small, fairly easily passable path runs along the famous harbor of Villefranche sur Mer on the side of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Breathtaking landscape, Mediterranean scent and calm at the rendezvous...

  • Cross with Lou Passagin

    Lou Passagin

    A small Nice boat offers you a shortcut from one shore to the other of the port of Nice. Allegory of Nice and the Alpes-Maritimes: land of travelers and tourists from all over the world. Exploration in photos, video and virtual visit.

  • French Riviera news sources

    French Riviera news

    We propose some sources of information about the French Riviera through a list of sources that we find interesting. Classic news sources of the press type but also from the world of the internet and social networks.

  • Corsica from continental shores: Mirage or reality

    Corsica from continental shore

    In the early hours of the day, a little before sunrise, Corsica ("Island of beauty") can sometimes be seen, to the southeast of the French Riviera. Magic moments. We suspect a mirage, an unknown land... Corsica is also unveiled, even more rarely during the day, usually when the north wind clears the sky. Some explanations and pictures.

  • Canadairs on the French Riviera

    Firefighters from the sky

    Pelicans always on the look-out for extinguishing fires during the summer are also visible during the scooping exercises carried out throughout the year. The occasion to present you some images realized towards Beaulieu and towards the lake of Saint-Cassien at the limit of the Var and Alpes-Maritimes.

  • Visit to the Monaco Oceanographic Museum

    Monaco Oceanographic Museum

    Located on the rock, the museum overlooks the sea looking towards the south, Corsica and the open sea. The ruling princely family, the Grimaldi, have been interested in the sea for several generations. It is therefore natural that this museum was born in Monaco at the end of the 19th century. We propose few words, photos and a video of the museum.