We propose you a little known walk, or better a jogging, at the western entrance of the Bay of VilleFranche-sur-Mer. A space with Mediterranean vegetation that crosses a customs path to discover in virtual visit, photos and video of running .

Running to VilleFranche-sur-Mer from Nice

Balalde pointe des Sans Culottes de Nice vers VilleFranche-sur-Mer

At the exit of Nice at the level of the low cornice and a few hundred meters after the Maeterlinck palace there are stairs identified by a sign. You will get there from Nice city center (for example from Place Masséna in around 40 minutes). The more athletic will be able to walk the customs path which passes through the port then the Cap de Nice.

Quality stairs and fittings

From the low cornice, about 60 meters of difference in height separates you from the point of Sans Culottes (revolutionary in 1789) An old German bunker, recently "renovated", sits by the sea. The end of the Cap de Nice path would almost touch finger distant a few hundred meters, impassable on foot except to practice climbing. The entrance to VilleFranche-sur-Mer bay is in front of you with the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula about 1,500 meters away. The path surrounding Cap Ferrat is really worth a walk. From the tip of Sans Culottes, head towards the citadel of VilleFranche sur Mer and the port of Darse known for hosting shipyards as well as the oceanological observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer, a world renowned research organization.

Video of the jogging between Nice and VilleFranche-sur-Mer via the Pointe des Sans Culottes

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Hike on a narrow and secure customs trail

Bring good shoes because the terrain is quite steep. A pair of stick can be used but the trail has protections, barriers and many stairs. In running, possible trail shoes will allow an ideal grip. Better to take the route outside the weekend, if not outside the busiest hours. The really narrow path sometimes gives the unbearable complainers the opportunity to find material for conflict between "runners" and walkers!

360° HD virtual tours

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Lush vegetation

The walk allows you to discover botanical species typical of the place, between succulents, cacti and consorts and small shrubs with yellow flowers. Large pine trees clinging to white cliffs allow you to enjoy the shade in the sunniest hours. The scent of the sea mixes with the essences of conifers, all lulled by the chop of the big blue.

True bubble of nature in the middle of a fairly densely urbanized space, this stroll on foot or by running deserves and will undoubtedly delight you!

If you are interested in the subject, we recommend the book "From one cap to another: on the customs trail between Nice and Menton" by the Nice editor "Baie des anges" written by Pierre Dévoluy and Pierre-Yves Reichenecker , published in 2012. This book is unfortunately out of print and not available in bookstores but can be viewed and borrowed from libraries in Nice. This book indicates that the origin of the peak name of Sans Culottes would come from the presence of a troop commanded by André Gairaud monitoring the entrance to the bay. The old attendance by nudists could also explain the origin of the name of this place. Four guns were installed by the French navy on the spot in 1896. During the second world war the Germans installed powerful projectors and widened the gallery allowing to store ammunition.

From the tip of Sans Culottes, you will pass that of Gaton, Etoile, Rascasse, then Pointe Madame before arriving at Lazaret and Darse. A beautiful beach nestles under the harbor pier. A restaurant bar and a snack bar / sandwich allow you to stop before returning to your steps or continuing towards the center of VilleFranche-sur-Mer. You can also continue to Monaco or more simply return to Nice via the Basse Corniche.



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