Far from the seaside, the French Riviera has other tourist attractions especially in its hinterland, which will delight young and old. Alpha Wolf Park is a perfect example. Discover the wolf, in the middle of the forest, in this unique park in France.

Alpha wolf a place to observe several packs of wolves

The wolf reappears on French territory in the heart of the Mercantour Park from Italy. Difficult, if not impossible, to cohabit the wolf and pastoralism, an activity that is essential for the survival of pastoralists, shepherds but also the maintenance and conservation of wilderness in the mountains.
Without sheep, which graze alpine pastures, the slopes become, for example, veritable slides promoting avalanches. How to cohabit the wild animal with the local population and breeders?
loup 9 mGetting to know wolf is the idea that sprang up in the minds of several elected and socioprofessional in 2005. Thus was created the "Parc Alpha Loup". It is located in the heart of Mercantour Park Boréon just above Saint-Martin de Vésubie less than two hours drive from Nice.
For nearly 15 years, the park offers you to discover the wolf living in a large enclosed area of ​​high grids. Particularity of this place, it is the humans who seem locked in carriages and corridors to be able to observe them. During your visit you can see in action the 3 packs in the park (from Italy, Canada and Eastern Europe), each on its territory. You have to be patient to see them.
Moment not to be missed feeding packs. A real revealer of the hierarchy established by the pack leader. Not all individuals are housed in the same brand, which sometimes causes very lively behavior.
The healers are friendly and at your disposal to provide you with explanations on the different types of pack and their operation.
To complete your information The park also offers 3 "scenes" in old cowpeas rehabilitated for the occasion. These 3 visions of the presence of the wolf in the Mercantour are, without bias, those of Bastien the Wolf hunter, Jean the ethologist and Auguste the shepherd. They will allow you to better understand the wolf issue in the French mountains.

Loup 2
Loup 3
Loup 5
Loup 6
Loup 7
Loup 8
Loup 9
Loup 1

You can live even more intensely this visit by becoming for a few hours healer and be closer to these wild animals.
Other activities are also proposed as the small farm for the youngest, creative workshops .. you can also eat on the picnic areas available to you.
If your heart tells you to extend your immersion, you can enjoy different types of accommodation with a restaurant in the center of Boréon nearby. The opportunity to discover a multitude of other activities in Vésubie. Do not forget to enjoy the ride to stop and visit the pretty village of Saint Martin de Vésubie, its main alley and gargoyle unique in the region.