While strolling on the Promenade des Anglais or in the city parks you may come across beautiful and valiant horses ridden by crews of the Nice local police.

Guaranteed success with young and old

Police horse NiceBy running along the Prom, for example, towards the Cap de Nice or the bay of Ville-Franche-sur-Mer by the tip of Sans Culottes you will occasionally come across the mounted police from time to time. Passers-by stop to immortalize their passage using their smartphone. Police generally take the time to respond to requests from the public. This contact through the horse creates a fairly positive relationship. We could even speak of a kind of soft power. Principle that describes the power exercised by consensual actions. Sport and cinema are perfect examples of soft power.

An equally effective and practical tool

The purpose of the horse police in Nice, or elsewhere, is not only to forge a close link between the population and their police. The riders are at a height, this gives them a 360 ° view over a larger perimeter than from the ground. The policeman's vision is widening. It also gives him, if necessary, a little more authority and presence. The horse also happens to be a fabulous vector of movement, fast and agile, it allows you to move as well in the narrow alleys of old Nice, in steep and rugged natural spaces where no 4/4 can ever pass. The riders of the equestrian brigades are specialized police officers holding the gallop minimum level 5.

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Horse police Nice