Autumn ride at the popular and cozy book fair of Mouans-Sartoux. Meetings of authors, dedications, screenings and discoveries to the program thanks to some video captures ...

Discovering one of the largest literary salons in France

Book Fair of Mouans-Sartoux

The small town of Mouans-Sartoux located in the hinterland of the French Riviera has hosted since 1988 this festive and cultural event. Mouans-Sartoux also hosts an interesting festival of photography each end of June
The book festival is spread throughout the town center, a dozen venues host exhibitors according to themes that vary with each edition. Many lectures allow writers to present their books, topics and knowledge. A beautiful place dedicated to works of art or to comics will delight the most diverse audiences ...

More than 50,000 visitors come during the three days, which would place the show in the top 5 French literary events. Avoid coming by private car, the inextensible number of parking spaces would make your approach unnecessarily complicated. Prefer the direct train from Nice, Monaco, Cannes etc ... Note a well-oiled organization that allows you to make the most of the show.

All the major French publishing houses occupy stands and accompany their authors and books. A nonchalant and friendly atmosphere floats in the air. A kind of Dolce Vita on a background of literature. The village of Mouans cuts traffic for the occasion, making the area completely pedestrian. Many restaurants, shops, refreshments benefit from this windfall of customers at the end of the summer season.

Festive and militant atmosphere

You may come across a group of musicians at the turn of a passage or a street. The themes present, sufficiently varied, will satisfy the greatest number but if you are viscerally allergic to everything that resembles ecology and feminist or social struggles, better go your way. This festival is similar in a way to the village of Asterix and Obelix in the middle of the Côte d'Azur anchored clearly more to the right. The municipality, moored on the left and ecologist, promotes and supports the event. The very reasonable price of 5 euros for the three days allows all scholarships to come to meet big names such as this year 2019 Boris Cyrulnik, Benjamin Stora, Edgar Morin, Francoise Nyssen, Mark Alter, Isabelle Autissier , Didier van Cauwelaert, Martine Laroche-Joubert, Gilles Kepel, Pinar Selek etc.


Some screenshots and video atmospheres of the show 2019 edition

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The themes vary over the years: "With the heart" in 2019, "To us, to us, freedom!" In 2018, "Going to the Ideal" in 2017, "Where are our dreams going?" 2014, "Where are we going so fast?" 2011etc ...
A special mention in 2019 for the conference of Gilles Kepel, presenting his work on the Middle East and the Maghreb "Out of chaos", Gallimard, 2018. An incredible expertise from this "little by of Nice" become, among others, director the chair of excellence Middle East Mediterranean University Paris Sciences and Letters (PSL), based at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. The few video captures on this page offer some excerpts from the intervention of the orientalist medium.

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