The oldest museum in the city of Nice, the Natural History Museum will make you discover or rediscover the animal and vegetable species that occupy the French Riviera, but also the Southern Alps.

A small museum for science and nature lovers

A few steps from the gigantic Mamac is the small Museum of Natural History of the city. The welcome is friendly and the atmosphere studious. The Côte d'Azur, with its lush vegetation, is home to many species of animals. You will find most of them stuffed here, from mammals, to birds and fish. Not to mention the different species of molluscs, mushrooms, insects etc ...

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Explanatory panels will allow visitors to better understand the local fauna and flora, as well as their respective ecosystems. The collection of the museum is not entirely accessible to the public, the visit will not take you a lot of time but does not miss as much interest, especially for children hungry for scientific knowledge.
A project to create a "City of Science and Nature" was a time mentioned in the Phoenix Park area. The current museum created in 1848, was to join this project seems buried.
Two famous Nice inhabitant scholars left their personal collections in the museum, they are Jean-Baptiste Vérany and Jean Baptisite Barla. With Antoine Risso, their teacher and leader of the naturalistic school of Nice, they impelled the creation of the museum and gave their name to the streets of the city.
If you are interested in the natural sciences, do not hesitate to go to Monaco, which has an oceanographic museum which houses a "natural history" section dedicated to marine species.

The museum site, which does not seem to have been updated for a long time will give you some info here :

60, Boulevard Risso
06300 Nice