Slightly eccentric from the city center, surrounded by a very pleasant garden, the Naïve Art Museum will offer you a moment of relaxation facing original and unexpected art works.

Anatole Jakovsky Museum

The museum is located a quarter of an hour from the beaches of the Promenade des Anglais, between the old city and the airport, in the lower residential area of Fabron, right next to Carole of Romania Park. A beautiful botanical garden allows you to sit in the sun or in the shade of tall trees, while admiring the various sculptures of Frédéric Lanovsky (preview in photo visible on this page). These radiant sculptures represent humans and their animals always very colorful and mischievous. Feel free to also visit his website here

Musee art naif jakovsky nice The municipal museum is housed in a villa built in the late 19th century. It opened in 1982. A very large part of these works come from the private collection of Renée and Anatole Jakovsky (collector, art critic and writer). The peculiarity of naive art lies in certain deformations of perspective, of color, thus modifying reality. Painters accentuating shapes, dimensions and spaces. Many details stir the curiosity of visitors who will find represented here many places of Nice and the French Riviera. Large paintings for some in relief alongside smaller works.
The museum, on two floors, exhibits painters such as Henri Rousseau, Andre Bauchant, Rene Rimbert or Seraphine, non-exhaustive list. Naive paintings from Brazil and Croatia are also hanging on the walls.

Musee Art Naif Jakovsky Nice 8
Musee Art Naif Jakovsky Nice 10
Musee Art Naif Jakovsky Nice 2
Musee Art Naif Jakovsky Nice 3
Musee Art Naif Jakovsky Nice 4
Musee Art Naif Jakovsky Nice 5
Musee Art Naif Jakovsky Nice 6
Musee Art Naif Jakovsky Nice 1
Musee Art Naif Jakovsky Nice 9
Musee Art Naif Jakovsky Nice 7
We recommend this visit, which will not fail to surprise those who do not know the naïve art. The pictures and the place are generally very popular with children, who, like the most open adults, will not fail to marvel at all these paintings.
If you have not opted for public transport or blue bikes (to park at the seaside), a parking of fifty places is available for visitors. Admission is free for local residents (Nice and Metropole Nice Cote d'Azur) with their Nice museum pass. Also accessible to visitors with pass French Riviera.

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