Since 1934, the Lemon Festival has lit up the French Riviera in yellow. The famous citrus, cultivated not far from there, dresses all kinds of scenery and serves as a pretext for a beautiful party for 15 days under the sun of the Mediterranean. To discover on Irresistible Riviera in video and photos.

A Riviera event punctuated by several key moments

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Walk in the Bioves garden

The Lemon Festival is first discovered along the Bioves garden behind the casino, a few steps from the seaside. Large citrus sculptures made from lemons and oranges change each year to the sandstone of the chosen themes . For this year 2019 the theme of fantastic worlds livened up the city. A family atmosphere reigns, young and old, tourists and azureen stroll in the middle of all these beautiful achievements. The space can be visited every day during the party.
The garden of lights offers beautiful illuminations, fruit facilities. A footbridge overlooks the facilities of thousands of oranges and lemons that are regularly changed to preserve their appearance.

Fete Citron Jardin Bioves 3
Fete Citron Jardin Bioves 1
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Corsos of the golden fruit

This is one of the highlights where parades roam the seaside. Dancers, floats and installations of all kinds parade among the spectators. Between twenty and thirty thousand spectators attend this show either directly in contact with the animations in the middle of the carnivals or comfortably installed in tribune. Party and confetti fly to the rhythm of music.
In addition to the floats, decorated with colorful citrus, dancers and dancers dancing to the rhythm of the samba gag the atmosphere. Strange creatures mounted on long stilts to better frighten the public, navigate in the middle of the crowd that asks for more. Neighboring fanfares also mingle with the party. Incredible metal monsters articulated cylinders representing this year 2019 a dragon and a kind of dragonfly, oscillate from one platform to another accompanied by their dancing escorts.
The atmosphere of the Corsos is very good for both the Corsos in the afternoon or for the night. The city of Menton literally lives to the rhythm of the Lemon Festival during these 15 days of winter.

Fete Citron Corso 4
Fete Citron Corso 1
Fete Citron Corso 3
Fete Citron Corso 7
Fete Citron Corso 5
Fete Citron Corso 6

Good atmosphere at the rendezvous

Our Italian friends come in large numbers to attend the party and participate in making it always very lively, especially when it comes to school groups or folk associations. The atmosphere of the Lemon Festival is incredibly sweet, very Dolce Vita, probably thanks to the presence of the sea that runs along the path of the Corso and the human size of Menton. Security is largely ensured by the very visible police forces. Be careful to arrive well in advance, indeed searches to enter the enclosure take time. We also advise you to come by public transport mainly the train. Finally, thank you to all the teams of the Lemon Festival and especially the services of the Tourist Office and its communication / press service. Enjoy your visit to discover the carnival of Nice.