The pretty village of Biot perched on the heights of Sophia Antipolis attracts many visitors and tourists especially for its glass craftsmen but also for the calm and the coolness of its streets in full summer.

A village set back from the sea and specialized in crafts

Biot panoramic Located between Antibes and Cagnes sur Mer, the village of Biot extends over a large wooded area occupied by many residential villas. Biot Village MuseumThe old village consists mainly of shady little streets, a real treat when the summer heat wave rages. A wider street crosses the bottom of the old village from the covered parking area to the museum of ceramics, history and archeology. This one deserves to stop there. Small enough, but on two levels he will explain, among other things, the geological peculiarities of the place and the influence it had on the development of the glassworks in the village. The historical and archaeological section is also interesting. Since we are talking about local museums, take the time to visit, a few kilometers away and further down the town towards the sea, the beautiful Fernand Léger museum.
Market village Biot Place des Arcades Continuing up the village you arrive at the charming arcades place which hosts a market of ten local producers on Saturday morning. A little further at the bottom of the square is the beautiful church Sainte Marie de Biot which is one of the few in France (with that of Cagnes sur Mer?) To be below the roadway. Like all these beautiful villages in the Alpes Maritimes, the village of Biot includes many restaurants, hotels but also merchants and art galleries. The local tourist office offers visits directly to glass craftsmen installed below the village.


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