The museum, arranged on 4 levels, exhibits as its name indicates so-called works of modern art. The occasion of a visit of the beautiful exhibition of Tom Wesselmann "The promise of Happiness" on the theme of female nudity but also masculine.

The New National Museum Monaco (NMNM)

nmnm paloma tom wesselmannLocated at the entrance of Monaco arriving from the west by the medium corniche, the museum is a few tens of meters after the famous exotic garden. Public parking, free the first hour as often in Monaco, will make your life easier. The imposing building and its garden alone deserve a visit. The view of the Princely Palace, superb, was unfortunately masked by an imposing crane, during our visit. Long armchairs allow you to contemplate the rock from the terrace. The museum, created in 2008, is a scenography with talented artists exposed to the public's gaze thanks to a research work in collaboration with art historians, restaurateurs, designers, writers etc ...
The place communicates with the exotic garden and inspires calm in the middle of Monegasque urbanity.

Tom Wesselmann

The artist, figure of American Pop Art diffuses here during this temporary exhibition paintings but also artistic objects with bright colors. The bodies are exposed without gene and naturally. Stripped women, looking like Marylin Monroe, half lascivious mid-sixties. Large works rub shoulders with small elements. The whole, leaving a large place to the great white walls of the museum, thus highlighting the works avoiding overabundance. A video room sort of "dark room" offers several reports on Pop Art, very didactic and useful. The exhibition challenges, as often with modern art, as the temptation is great to find it easy. At the same time an impression of lightness and sparkle is born among the most receptive to the originality and freedom that the artist gives himself.

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