A beautiful little-known chapel, hidden in the alleys of old Antibes deserves your visit. We offer some pictures to make you want to spend a moment.

Visit the Saint-Bernardin Chapel

Chaptel Saint Bernardin Antibes

The building is on a place formerly occupied by religious monuments including Roman. The current chapel dates from the 16th century. A main entrance at 14 Rue Dr. Rostan in Antibes allows lateral access while a beautiful wooden door, on which the date of March 20, 1581 is engraved, offers access from a small alley adjacent St. Berbardin Street.

The chapel, renovated in 2007, following a fire in the 1970s, will dazzle you with its rather recent paintings but flamboyant and colorful especially at the ceilings. Many old paintings, altarpieces adorn the walls. Ancient and preserved murals will fascinate history buffs. A vaulted hall, houses a beautiful collection of paintings and period reproductions.

The chapel, also known as the Chapel of the White Penitents, not to be confused with the blue penitents of Nice and the Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher, is worth a visit during your visit to Antibes where you can also visit the Provençal market covered or the Picasso Museum. Without forgetting, the exceptional panorama from the Garoupe lighthouse towards the Alps plunging into the big blue.

The chapel is visited from Tuesday to Saturday, you will find schedules and information on the site of the city of Antibes here.

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The chapel in 360 ° virtual tour

Click on the purple links to move in the virtual visit or on the globe Localise on a map to view a map of 360 ° views and access them.

Nessia day in Antibes

A big thank you to the Catholic institutions of the Alpes-Maritimes for inviting us to a day in October 2019 to discover the chapel Saint-Bernardin but also the chapel of the Sanctuary of Garoupe at the top of the peninsula of Antibes .
This day was organized to highlight the first anniversary of the mobile application Nessia to raise awareness of religious places  in the French Riviera. More d’infos about Nessia here.

Some pictures

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