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A desire to share on the web this paradise place

Happy to live in this little corner of paradise along the Mediterranean Sea in the south east of France, it has come to me the desire to share heart-felt, ideas of discovery and good local addresses.GEBorn in Toulon but living in the French Riviera for many years, after working in the sports field, I practice today as photographer and also webmaster and thank you in advance for discovering this site which will be enriched with content over the months ... 











Located on the rock, the museum overlooks the sea looking towards the south, Corsica and the open sea. The ruling princely family, the Grimaldi, have been interested in the sea for several generations. It is therefore natural that this museum was born in Monaco at the end of the 19th century. We propose few words, photos and a video of the museum.

A museum for understanding the oceans

The building, 6,000 m², very imposing, houses on several floors large pools and aquariums that occupy more than 6,000 fish. Species from all continents are represented here, from cold-water fish to warm and tropical sea species, not to mention corals, as well as Mediterranean species (molluscs, invertebrates, fish, algae, etc.), particularly visible in the superb reserve near the Larvotto.Monaco Oceanographic Museum 2018

A very aesthetic stage exposes on one side the history of oceanographic exploration through models of ships and interactive multimedia panels; on the other, a "Museum of Natural History" space as shown in the photos, including cetacean skeletons (whale, whale, dolphin, porpoise, etc.).
The subjects of marine pollution, the extinction of marine species and biodiversity are largely developed using panels, films, etc.
Different animations (feeding of the fish, tactile basin, exchanges with the healers ...) make it possible to enrich the visit.
A 360 ° immersion, thanks to virtual reality helmets (Immerseave 360 ​​°), for a supplement to the ticket of entry, will allow you to believe you under the oceans to almost touch the whales. A terrace, housing a restaurant bar, overlooking the principality gives access to a panoramic view of the bay and the principality.
This museum, very busy in the summer season among others by school groups, is worth a visit. Young and old audiences will discover invisible worlds yet so close to us on the Côte d'Azur.

Few photos of the museum

Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 1
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 10
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 11
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 13
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 2
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 3
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 9
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 4
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 5
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 12
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 6
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 7
Musee Oceanographique Monaco 2018 8

A video (smartphone) of the oceanographic museum



  • All information about fares and schedules are available on the official website of the museum here https://www.oceano.mc