An event located along the green flow just in front of the beautiful high school Masséna and interested in the ecological transition. This first edition attracted a large audience and was the occasion of many events, conferences and round tables.

A weekend of ecology and sustainable development

A group of associations, accompanied by the Nice Côte d'Azur metropolis, occupied the promenade du Paillon on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June 2019. nice cool verte

The locals stroll from stand to stand in a festive and relaxed atmosphere. Many young people, often activists of the environmental cause but also members of the national education (teachers etc ...) or professions of the health.

Four themes structured this manifestation Riviera

nice cool verte m 3 The fight against global warming : will the French Riviera, in two or three generations, become as arid as the Maghreb (North Africa) ? Will the rise of the waters linked to this warming plunge the "Pomenade des Anglais" under water before the end of the 21st century ?

Biodiversity and natural resources in our region (visit the small museum of natural history in front of Mamac) : what actions to safeguard these local treasures?

Producing and consuming responsibly: tips and practical workshops for everyday actions. This theme highlights the opulence of azure riches between bling-bling, Yachts ever larger, intercontinental flights etc ... We return this quote from Coco Chanel: "The most beautiful and important things in life are free, the more beautiful and important seconds are very expensive. " Azure Schizophrenia ...

Better living together : thematic dealing with education, naturopathy, communication, lifestyle, Yoga etc ...

Conferences and debates

We were able to attend this Saturday, June 15 to some debates, conferences spread over 9 different spaces. We offer you, in a few lines a short overview : nice cool verte debat

An intervention concerning permaculture (ability to grow without destroying or depleting the environment) by Permaculture Sud Est and Olivier Ciais. Very interesting technical explanations but also a description of local awareness actions especially in schools and with young audiences.

The use of cycling in Nice, organized by the association Nice à Vélo and in the presence of a technical manager of the Metropolis. Users present highlighting the current lack of infrastructure such as bike lane actually protected from motorized traffic. The association thanking the representative of the Metropolis present, but regretting the absence of political decision makers ... and the lack of resources allocated to utilitarian bicycle trips.

An intervention on the education of young people in this climate emergency environment. We remember the sentence of the French President Jacques Chirac "Our house burns and we look elsewhere". How can children be frightened, alerted and sensitized? Cool atmosphere and very relaxed perhaps lacking a little structuring ... unless we did not stay long enough ...

A crush on the intervention of Drs Béatrice Leloutre (Infectiologist in Lenval) and Véronique Mondain (pediatrician at the University Hospital of Nice) to talk about "integrative health", a global ecological medicine. Very well orchestrated, in the form of a dialogue, the two doctors described a medicine centered on the patient and not on the disease. With humor, energy and a lot of common sense, they delivered many tips about the health of children and their parents!

A very nice event

Congratulations to all the associations present and to the city of Nice and its Metropolis for the organization this weekend.
If you read these lines before the end of this 2019 edition, do not hesitate to go to this event, why not in blue bikes ? Otherwise go for future editions!

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