A practical, silent and pleasant way to get around Nice. Electric scooters, available everywhere, will allow you to easily cross the French Riviera capital or if you are tourists passing by to stroll according to your desires. A quick overview and feedback.

Cityscoot Nice

The company has a large fleet of two wheels in Nice but also in Paris, Milan and Rome in Italy.

A modern and comfortable scooter

Cityscoot Nice The machine has a small chest that houses the helmet as well as a sort of cloth cap to protect the hair. However, the trunk will not allow you to carry much, such as your weekly shopping. Two mirrors, front and rear brakes, occupy the handlebars also decorated with the electronic reservation keyboard. The scooter, quite handy, is not very powerful, even if after a certain number of hours of use it is possible to unleash it a little in order to reach a slightly higher speed, with a maximum at 50 km/h. It is clearly a small two-wheeler dedicated to city traffic. Impossible to borrow it or return it outside the city of Nice. A very practical map shows the contours of the areas accessible from the application. There are two versions of the scooter in the reservation interface on the handlebars. The most recent scooter has a clear and ergonomic digital screen.

A simple and efficient rental process

The first step is to download the application available as well under IOS and Google play android. You must then create an account by providing your bank details but also your id status. Provide your driver's license unless you were born before 1988. The file takes 2 to 3 days to be validated. It is not an automatic validation, but a human validation. It was therefore impossible to register and rent the scooter directly in the process. You will have to anticipate. No subscription or registration fees, just buy minutes of use. The minute, at the time of writing, costs just under 30 cents, all risk insurance and a blue helmet, in the trunk under the seat included.

Few video captures

For a better rendering : choose the maximum definition by clicking on the small gear serrated .

Some disabilities and areas for improvement

Alone or in pairs?

Carrying theoretically possible passengers is concretely difficult unless you have your own helmet. In the event of an accident with a passenger, a penalty of € 5,000 (maximum?) Is applicable, a dissuasive amount. This seems to us a drawback concerning the more massive use of the Cityscoot in Nice. It may be possible to offer helmets on deposit at different points in the city or in an additional safe on the scooter. A special two-seater and large trunk version, identifiable on the application, would also be a timely option ...

Minute countdown

Another small defect, even if the reservation and end of rental system works properly, it still consumes significant time to start the rental and complete it. On short distance journeys the ratio of rolling scooter vs locking and unlocking manipulation can be 40% to 60%: 4 minutes to drive and 6 minutes to start, park and complete the rental. Probably more used users manage to reduce this ratio. Triggering the countdown of the minutes at the first and last setting in motion, may be only during off-peak periods would certainly be quite incentive but more costly for the rental company ...

A crutch not always easy to use

The crutch is difficult to use, especially when the cityscoot is on a slope (upwards), especially for less muscular users.

The cost price for everyday use

The rental of the scooter will cost you 29 cts / minute (declining rates for 60 euros of purchases for 250 minutes, 24 cts / min); rates at the start of June 2020. Compare this with the all-inclusive cost price (depreciation, petrol, insurance maintenance, etc.) of a small 4-seater car at around 35 cents per kilometer ... plus non-existent parking costs for both. wheels… A classic 15-minute Cityscoot journey from one district to another of the city will still cost you 4 or 5 euros. Hardly profitable to use this rental service for example to come and go from work daily. It will quickly be cheaper to buy your own machine.

The joy of moving your nose to the four winds with a cityscoot

These disabilities stated, it must be admitted that the use of Cityscoot gives real pleasure. The city of Nice enjoys exceptional weather, especially in winter and summer, even if heat waves become more and more present in summer. Moving on two silent and motorized wheels allows you to better take advantage of the crossed monuments, both along the Promenade des Anglais, and on the heights of Nice towards the gardens of Cimiez, as well as towards the port and the old town. The machine reaches its limits for the transport of objects, goods or passengers. Cityscoots are very practical for travel at times when the public transport offer is reduced, for example late at night, as well as on transverse routes for example requiring two changes of public transport. You can also use the Nice blue bike or the latest electric blue E-bike in Nice. A thematic page on our blog lists the different mobility options on two wheels, electric vehicle or public transport, for local trips.

Park your scooter

Take care to park your two wheels in a duly authorized place so as not to obstruct pedestrians and not to risk a fine. More and more spaces are being set up, an article to come about two-wheeled car parks and cycle lanes in the capital of the French Riviera. Avenue Jean Medecin, the entire area of the old town, Place Masséna and around the town hall prohibit the parking of Cityscoots. A map on the site and in the application clearly indicates the authorized zones but not precisely the car parks.

Cityscoot in Nice: a success

We recommend these scooters taking good care of your safety. We would dream of being able to go further towards Monaco, Antibes or Cannes etc ... And even at the beach towards Beaulieu, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Villefranche. Don't hesitate to ask for referrals from already registered users who will offer you free minutes of use. Here is a code that will allow you to benefit from 30 free minutes at registration: HvXKpq   
The author of these lines will win 20, the beginning of the fortune ...!

Official website https://www.cityscoot.eu

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